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MacroClick Online Advertising Concepts Since 2003!
Nearly Two Decades of Service.  Over 15,000 Ad Campaigns
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Marketing Campaigns

Discover the power of old fashioned email marketing!
Still the #1 promotional value online!

Your audience is online and using email.  Many Executives lack the resources and expertise to advance to the next level.  A few were let down by providers who failed to produce results.

Email marketing is a powerful application.

Faster, better more flexible and more efficient than any other form of marketing.
So why isn't your business using it? There is still a lack of understanding of the priorities, budgets, people, and tools needed to initiate a successful campaign. 

The need for email marketing is immediate.  Get in front of your competitors.


Designed For Maximum Response...

*Target Your Audience
*Manage Your Data
*Save Every Lead For Future Solicitation

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Flat-Rate Impressions Based Campaigns. No Pay-Per-Click!

50,000 Banner Impressions for $299!  +FREE BANNER ARTWORK!

That's 1/10 the cost of average AdWords campaign impressions!

Why our advertisers keep coming back!

How many impressions will a $299 Adwords Campaign produce?

Around 3,000!  Compared to 50,000 with ClickForSales!

We provide an alternative, lower cost effective system for advertisers.

50,000 impressions VS. 3,000 impressions:

Impressions Based Ad Comparioson






Impressions Based Ad Space!
No Pay-Per-Click!
Receive Unlimited Traffic!
100% Banner Ads; No Text Ads!
Free Professional Banner Art!
50,000 Impressions Over 30 Days!
Unlimited Clicks!
Free Ad-Server to Check Stats!

What is ClickForSales®?

ClickForSales® is an impressions based flat-fee advertising source.  Our publishers provide space for FULL SIZE BANNER ADS, which we happily provide at no cost, with no obligation.  Then offer flat-rate IMPRESSIONS of your new banner on our publication network with unlimited clicks!   We 'Dare-to-Compare' cost per click from any comparable online source.  It's crazy!  Call us now; 877-308-3815!

Take a look at your Google Ads and determine how many impressions your campaign is receiving.  What does the Cost-per-Click average?  We sell IMPRESSIONS, with unlimited clicks.  Your dollar will receive more conversions and your ad-rates will not increase regardless of click quantity.   7 out of 10 advertisers REPEAT THEIR CAMPAIGNS!

Simple and Easy:

Order 50,000 Impressions Over 30 Days Now!

Results Driven Residual Clientele!

We place your banner ad on our unique, dynamic and expanding network and sell bulk rate IMPRESSIONS, not clicks.

Our banners are created by seasoned marketing professionals that know how to get results.  The traffic is quality, the impressions are real, the clicks will convert.  ClickForSales creates a fantastic addition to your Google Ads account and will allow you to lower your expenditure while increasing conversions.

In days your banner will reside on hundreds of thousands of pages, receive hundreds of thousands of impressions and be exposed to high quality targeted traffic with UNLIMITED CLICKS!

Designed For Maximum Response by Professionals.

Rich Design That Targets Your Audience.
Network Design Built Specifically For Ad Display.
Unlimited Impressions, Views and Clicks.

Free professional Banner Artwork!

Here our some samples of our high quality effective FREE custom banners. Large effective congruent full-size 160 x 600 towers or Headers.  Keep your banner regardless of how long you advertise with us. It's yours to use over and over again.




Our Quality and Results will Impress! We are serious about successful marketing! 
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ClickForSales® NETWORK

Our Network Consists of Over 1 Billion Pages

ClickForSales.com® specializes in delivering high quality traffic for a fraction of the cost of conventional pay-per-click.  Our network publishers provide high quality, relevant, refined geographic and demographic audiences.

Our network was selected from the "Ground-up" with CLICK-OUTS in mind! Designed specifically to deliver traffic and display our high-contrast exciting banner advertisement. We control every aspect of the consumer product, creating a platform RICH for click advertisers.  Your ad stands out!

Our goal is to be your most effective, most efficient online traffic source. We've spent the last decade researching, learning, developing and perfecting the most effective targeted traffic delivery system available!

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Stop paying $5 to $50. per click. ClickForSales ends Pay-Per-Click, while delivering the best traffic online. Make more profit using our low-cost, high-quality ad network.  Your low fee remains the same regardless of how many impressions, clicks or conversions you receive.  This will be the most efficient online promotion available for your services. You will be astounded at the cost compared to your current method!



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Unlimited Click-Traffic

Multiple Targeting Methods

Organic Listing Powered Networks

Aggregate Data Concepts

Established & Trusted Email Campaigns

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At ClickForSales, we are industry leaders in online direct marketing. We offer proven results. You can put your trust in our proven, compliant marketing techniques. We have been marketing commercial email campaigns for 18 years.  With one of the largest opt-in targeting list options online.  We can easily and safely introduce your advertising methods to include effective, low-cost direct market email campaigns.

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